Jade Light-Wave Massager (PL-C17)


This designer hand-held light and heat emitting vibrating massager uses Xiu Jade, one of the most precious jades in China as its infrared heat emitter.
Combined with the rhythmic vibrating massage heads, the heat and light will sooth your aches and pains in no time.
The Jade light-wave massager is strong enough to use on your body to stimulate and improve blood circulation while reinvigorating the body, yet gentle enough to use on the face to rub away facial wrinkles or blend away skin discolorations.

Fouer Jade massage heads
Three settings:
vibrating, infrared, vibrating + infrared
Anti-slip, easy grip handle
Rapid heating to 104 - 122 degrees
Fahrenheit in 30 seconds
Power: 120v, 35watts
Size: 18" x 5" x 5"